Meeting Carolyn

It was a balmy evening in June. One of those days that lingers on as if hesitant to give way to the dark. A friend, some roommates, and I had decided to go to a dance. It was held every Friday night in the bottom of a large girl’s dorm that sits on the southeast corner of the campus. As we stood along the edge of the dance floor, I was silently cussing. There was a very scanty choice of girls – none of which appealed to me.The night seemed destined to be one of boredom.

Then they appeared – two of them. One was small and very stylish, the kind that many boys find attractive, but too prissy for me. But her partner was of more substance. She was taller, robust, and yet trim with clean, clear skin. Her smile flashed over a wonderful set of bright, even teeth. Something about her struck a chord in me. Afraid that someone might beat me to her, I turned to my companion and said – “that’s my type” and shot across the room, getting to her before she had hardly got inside the building.

We danced, but she kept trying to pull away to get off the dance floor. She felt like she was a poor dancer, and had only come because of urgings from others. But, I wouldn’t let her go. Finally I steered her to a chair and we sat. She felt uncomfortable dancing.

We finally decided to go for a walk and so we were off, up the hill to stroll the campus lawns. There was a full moon and we migrated to some benches by the administration building. There was an excellent view of sky, vegetation, and some tennis courts below us.

Why, I’ll never know – something made me want to sing. I sang to her for well over an hour. All alone under the trees, the night delicious, she seemed to become attracted to me.

Back at the dance, I found my friend, roomates, and the car we had come in. We all loaded up to take my roommate’s dates, and the girl that was with me, home. The car was crowded and she had to sit on my lap.To everyone’s amazement, she seemed very affectionate to me.

Our relationship started with sparks and has remained close and passionate to this day. She obviously had felt the same first attachment to me, as I had felt for her. Our marriage became extremely strong and has continued through this life and will in the next. It was a tremendous blessing to have found her. How lucky can one guy get!!!