Kiss Butt – Chew Ass

By Dave Hanks

The gifted high school athlete – is in a situation unique.

His ego is on display – for any recruiter to “tweak”.

They will “wine and dine” him, – and his parents as well.

His past and future glories – they labor hard to tell.

He feels so extra-ordinary, – from all they have to say.

But little does he know, – that there’s going to come a day –

When that gigantic bubble, – laid on him from the first;

Has about run its course. – It is just about to burst!

‘Cause when they finally “land him” – (when they get him there)

He becomes “their game” – and anything is fair.

Life will suddenly change. – It will take on a different “feel”.

Coaches are now ranting, and cussing! – Is that now part of the deal?”

He is no longer grandiose, – no longer the favored “son”.

Amid all the many bodies, – he is just another one.

And in life a lesson, now hits him “stark and plain”, –

That any inner, glowing comfort – can quickly become a pain.

Human nature is so freakish. – animalistic to see.

Because they will only love you: – “For what you do for me!”

“Kiss your buttT” while trying to sign you, – is acceptable (nothing is too
“Crass” ).

But when they eventually get you,

“Look out! They’re going to “CHEW YOUR ASS”!