The Northern Plague

by Dave Hanks

	In the land of the voracious mosquito,
	In the land of bog and lake; 
	They attack you, they bite you, and they suck you –
	Miserable your life they can make!

	In the land of the voracious mosquito,
	Be prepared for goodness sake –
	With spray, with netting, with long sleeves –
	To reduce the blood they take.

	In the land of the voracious mosquito,
	Go arrayed in peculiar gear,
	Weird hats, weird boots, weird people –
	Garbed out from foot to ear.

	In the land of the voracious mosquito,
	This is a point I want to make clear –
	Go lacquered, go covered, and go dauntless –
	If ready, go forth without fear.

We have been in the far north on many occasions. If you think
mosquitoes are bad in Southern Idaho, take a trip north to country
that has an abundance of water, and an abundance of summer daylight.
Those are conditions that mosquitoes thrive in. Here in Cassia County,
the annoying presence of this animal cannot even come close to
rivaling its counterpart in the far north.

We know that a mosquito bite can carry disease. But in the north
they can be so numerous and belligerent, that they can kill by
sucking so much blood that an animal as large as a caribou can die.

I have seen models of mosquitoes on sale as the Alaska State Bird –
obviously a joke, but no joke in reality!

Being prepared for the Mosquitos and their habitat in Alaska