Sugar Water

Both of these birds love sugar water.

To attract these birds, fill a quart fruit jar with 1 part sugar, 6 parts water and invert it onto a baby chick waterer which you can purchase from any local farm supply store.

Both of the birds below were photgraphed at home, perching, before they came down to the sugar water.

Western Tanager

Bullock’s Oriole

I Have a Home in Idaho

I have a home in Idaho:
Where sage covered plateaus extend for miles.
This arid, high-elevation basin hides treasures ā€“
Treasures the casual traveler cannot visualize.

I have a home in Idaho:
Where liberal rivers wind their way through the land
and nourish, not only the economy, but so very much more.
The luxury making us the envy of others.

I have a home in Idaho:
Where less population allows a less inhibited lifestyle.
Free from the inhibiting masses ā€“
allowing more freedom to taste the best things of life.

I have a home in Idaho:
                                        and Iā€™m so very grateful!