Getting out of your Comfort Zone

by Dave Hanks

All folks, in any organization, have different skills from the others in their group. The group functions best if everyone is in their comfort zone and by combining all the various skills the organization will make great strides. As a former coach – if I had gotten everyone out of their comfort zone, I would have, also, gotten them out of the win column.

As a college football lineman, I have, in some games, played as much as 55 minutes. I played both ways – offense, defense, and on kickoffs. On offense I did very well because I was in my comfort zone. One former running back teammate said: “I liked to run the ball behind Hanks because there was always a hole”.

On defense I never reached my potential because they kept me out of my comfort zone. In one game, against undefeated Wyoming, they put me in my comfort zone. I had a terrific game and practically shut down their offense on my own. However, the coaches were not smart enough to learn to adjust, and take advantage of what could have won a couple of more games for them. They seem to think that screaming, swearing, and even slapping me across the head should be enough to get what they desired out of me. I grew to detest the coaches and even looked forward to the end of football.

My wrestling coach wasn’t too familiar with wrestling, but he did treat me like a human and let me function in the best way I could. As a result I had great success in what, as a result, became my favorite sport.

So all this talk about getting oneself out of one’s comfort zone, to me, is a lot of phony B.S.!!!

Wrestlers going at it