Kiss Butt – Chew Ass

By Dave Hanks

The gifted high school athlete – is in a situation unique.

His ego is on display – for any recruiter to “tweak”.

They will “wine and dine” him, – and his parents as well.

His past and future glories – they labor hard to tell.

He feels so extra-ordinary, – from all they have to say.

But little does he know, – that there’s going to come a day –

When that gigantic bubble, – laid on him from the first;

Has about run its course. – It is just about to burst!

‘Cause when they finally “land him” – (when they get him there)

He becomes “their game” – and anything is fair.

Life will suddenly change. – It will take on a different “feel”.

Coaches are now ranting, and cussing! – Is that now part of the deal?”

He is no longer grandiose, – no longer the favored “son”.

Amid all the many bodies, – he is just another one.

And in life a lesson, now hits him “stark and plain”, –

That any inner, glowing comfort – can quickly become a pain.

Human nature is so freakish. – animalistic to see.

Because they will only love you: – “For what you do for me!”

“Kiss your buttT” while trying to sign you, – is acceptable (nothing is too
“Crass” ).

But when they eventually get you,

“Look out! They’re going to “CHEW YOUR ASS”!

I Have a Home in Idaho

I have a home in Idaho:
Where sage covered plateaus extend for miles.
This arid, high-elevation basin hides treasures –
Treasures the casual traveler cannot visualize.

I have a home in Idaho:
Where liberal rivers wind their way through the land
and nourish, not only the economy, but so very much more.
The luxury making us the envy of others.

I have a home in Idaho:
Where less population allows a less inhibited lifestyle.
Free from the inhibiting masses –
allowing more freedom to taste the best things of life.

I have a home in Idaho:
                                        and I’m so very grateful!

Night Sounds

An owl’s soft call speaks plainly now.
He talks so hauntingly.
The cool night breeze wafts it forth.
It resounds from tree to tree.

The crunch of jaws, upon something hard –
Adds mystery to the night.
Where is it at? What might it be?
It’s somewhere near but out of sight.

The rustling leaves, by creatures small –
That scurry to and fro.
They all cause questions to arise.
What are they? I’d like to know.

Off in the distance, such a plaintive howl –
Emotions it subtly wrenches!
A lone Coyote that sounds so sad –
Reaches deep into my senses.

I lie in the dark. Sleep will not come.
As sounds, whether loud or small –
Excite my thoughts at what’s out there.
I wonder about it all.