Aunt Carolyn and Uncle David are retired school teachers. She taught first grade and he was a high school Biology teacher, wrestling and football coach. Before and after retirement they spent many hours in the field pursuing earth’s life-forms and natural wonders. Sadly, in July of 2012, Aunt Carolyn passed away.

These articles, stories and photos are, in most cases, drawn from Uncle David’s extensive archive. In other cases they are newly written. Many of the postings have already appeared in the newspaper local to where he lives.

Uncle David is well known in his southern Idaho community as a an expert birder and naturalist and I can personally attest that he is also loved by hundreds, if not thousands of former students who took his High School Biology class over the years. He was, to say the least, a unique and gifted high school teacher. I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing his instruction first hand, but I, like everyone in my family, have heard many stories and compliments from former students.

I am very grateful that he has allowed me to create and maintain this (his) blog. He sees the “likes” and reads the comments, but has asked me to respond to most of the comments.

Thanks for visiting. Here are some photos of Aunt Carolyn and Uncle David:

Dave 2



David & Carolyn

8 thoughts on “About

  1. i have just retired from being a headteacher and am glad to find your blog. John and I are currently travelling round Australia and New Zealand as a post retirement treat of a lifetime. I love your photos.

    • Sarah: It’s interesting being able to converse with someone in England from a long way away. It was, also, interesting to learn some things about you: Very physically active – loving to walk & shoot the rapids (we have some daunting rapids her in Idaho). I’m with you on the admiration of elephants. However, I’ve not been fortunate to see them in the wild. That was a nice tribute to your Mother-in-Law – you are lucky. Have a nice trip tp Korea. D.H.

  2. Hi Cliff, or if you are indeed reading this Mr. Hanks. It’s teacher appreciation week and not a one has gone by that I haven’t thought of (with great fondness) my favorite teacher of all time Mr. Dave Hanks – the KING. Just last week my daughter was telling me about her favorite teacher – her Science teacher and I of course related many a story of my favorite teacher/favorite class – Nature Biology. I’ll never forget the way you made your students want to learn. The love you have for Nature shined through in your teaching and I’m so grateful that I had the privilege to experience Dave Hanks at his very finest! I’m so excited to see that you are still blogging or writing at least and the pictures are breathtaking as usual. I hope to visit soon to the Burley Ward with the Holyoak in-laws and see your smiling face. Lots of Love, Jen (Anderson) Holyoak

    • Hello Jen,

      Thank you for taking the time to write this back in 2015. I didn’t see the date until just now. Earlier today while i was on Skype Video with Unc. D. He mentioned someone reaching out to him over email/wordpress. It was not clear to me. While he was on video, I went to this website, thinking it must be a comment on the blog that got emailed to him. I indicated that I had found it, not realizing this was from 2015, and started reading it aloud. After a time he said “wait a minute, this is a different letter”. 🙂 It was very gracious of you to write, both now and back in 2015. You are not alone in your appreciation of his teaching!

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