Reverence is Love!

By Dave Hanks

Reverence goes beyond being quiet in church. It is a quality that should flourish through the week and not just on Sunday. Behavior and attitudes should not vary on Monday through Saturday than one feels on Sunday.

If you LOVE the natural world, its wonders, and its lifeforms; you will REVERNCE it and never do that which detracts from its beauty and functioning.

If you have a CONCERN or LOVE for others, you will treat their property and concerns with a care that you would treat your own. This is REVERENCE.

REVERENCE for the Constitution of the United States is a LOVE for our personal freedoms. Because we LOVE free agency, we are careful not to abuse it and exercise self-discipline.

And most of all, if you truly LOVE your spouse and family, you will treat each with REVERENCE. You will never abuse your spouse or family, either physically or vocally, and you will always talk positively about them and never reveal personal things that they would hope that you would keep in confidence.

REVERENCE is LOVE and is an extremely basic principle of a worthy life that will bring personal contentment to one’s existence.


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