Many Look – Few See

Behold the forest:  Shrub – flower – tree
	Many will look - But few will see

Pine – Aspen – Fir - Schematically intertwined
	Endless plant variety - It boggles the mind

But who knows this?  Who will understand?
	And take time to grasp - The great master plan

Recreate in the car - Pay park entrance fees
	Whizz on through - It’s nothing but trees

But there are animals about - Your eyes must be quick
	To see takes patience - It’s really no trick

But seeing the beasts - Is just the start
	The overall scheme - Is the very best part

You must look and look - This I firmly believe
	But how many times - Must we look to perceive?

To perceive what is there – And not just rely
	On the words of others - But see with our eye!

Developing appreciation  (Is this ode’s thrust)
	of EVERTHING in nature - That is a must!

And help us cope with those - Lord help us please!
	That can’t see the forest - Because of the trees

(Dave Hanks)

Look quick to see Black Bear cubs at the base of a pine.

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